Border Facts

Donʼt let crossing the border intimidate you. Regulations and procedures change over time. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

I am Canadian, can I shop at Abbotsford Duty Free?

Yes, you can. If you are Canadian you can shop at Duty Free. There are advantages to shopping with us.

You can find unique Canadian products at lower prices than other retailers in Canada, and you can find products often not found in the U.S., like local award-winning wines, for example, ice wines. You're also supporting local economies.

If I live in Canada and visit Abbotsford Duty Free can I turn around and never leave Canada?

You cannot stop at a Duty Free and stay in Canada. In order for shoppers to take advantage of the savings in tax, you must also cross the border.

If I stop at Abbotsford Duty Free, do I still have to go through customs?

Yes, it's the law. Be sure to follow the Canadian or American border crossing guidelines and be aware of customs allowances.

Is there a difference between Canadian and U.S. Duty Free?

Yes, Canadian and U.S. Duty Free stores are separate business entities and are not related.

Canadian Duty Free stores are located on the Canadian side of the border and are owned and operated by independent business people.